Flaxseed gum Description:

  Flaxseed gum, also known as Frank gum and Linseed gum. Flaxseed gum is a powdered product made from the seeds or seed hulls of flax (Linum usitatisssimum L.) after extraction, concentration, refinement, and drying.

  Flaxseed gum is yellow granular crystals, or white to beige powder, and the dry powder has a light sweet fragrance. Flaxseed gum has good dissolution properties, and can slowly absorb water to form a dispersion system with lower viscosity. When the concentration is lower than 1~2g/L, it can be completely dissolved, and its solubility is higher than that of guar gum and locust bean gum. , But not as good as gum arabic. The solubility of Flaxseed gum is closely related to concentration and temperature. The solubility of 0.5% gum solution at 15°C will reach 70%, and the solubility will reach 90% when the temperature reaches 95°C.

  Product Name: Flaxseed gum

  Botanical Source: Linum usitatisssimum L.

  Appearance: White to yellowish-white powder

  Particle Size:98% pass through 80 mesh

  Viscosity: ≥6000mPa.s



  1.As a kind of hydrophilic colloid, linseed gum has the characteristics of viscosity, emulsification, gelling and anti-oxidation.

  2.As a food additive, it interacts with other components in the food system and synergistically improves food processing characteristics.

  3.As a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber, flaxseed gum also has the functions of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, regulating intestinal flora and losing weight.


  1. Flaxseed gum can be used as a thickener, adhesive, stabilizer, emulsifier and foaming agent in the food industry.

  2. In the daily chemical industry, it can be used as an important raw material for high-end cosmetics.

  3. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is an excellent emulsifier for fat-soluble drugs and a binder for Chinese and Western tablets.

  How to use it?

  1.When the amount of flaxseed gum added to flour is between 0.1% and 0.4%, the dough has the best gluten, and the noodles have a chewy, smooth, and non-soup taste. The addition of flaxseed gum increases the water absorption rate of the dough, prolongs the formation and stability time of the dough, reduces the degree of weakening, and makes the dough more stable.

  2.The amount of flaxseed gum added in the production of ice cream is 0.05%, and the product expansion rate after aging and freezing is above 95%. The taste is fine, smooth, palatability, and no peculiar smell. The structure is still soft and moderate after freezing, and the ice crystals are very small. The addition of linseed gum can also prevent the formation of coarse ice crystals.

  3.When the content of linseed gum in the compound jelly powder is 25%, and the amount of jelly powder is 0.8%, the jelly gel strength, viscoelasticity, transparency, water holding capacity and other properties of the obtained jelly are the most coordinated, and the jelly has the best taste.


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