Papain is a low specific proteolytic enzyme in the papaya (Carieapapaya), which exists widely in the roots, stems, leaves and fruits of the papaya, and is most abundant in immature milk. The active center of papain contains cysteine, which belongs to thiol protease. It has the characteristics of high enzyme activity, good thermal stability, natural health and safety, so it is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, feed, daily chemical, leather and textile industries.


Product Name: Papain

Botanical Source: Green Papaya Extract

Appearance: White powder

CAS No: 9001-73-4

EINECS No: 232-627-2

Molecular Weight: 21000

Solubility: Soluble in water

Specification: 300000u/g, 600000u/g by UV

Certified: Kosher,HALAL,FDA,ISO

Storage: Cool Dry Place



1. Beneficial to stomach and digestion
2. Anti-aging and improve immunity
3. Treat soreness of waist and back pain
4.Reduce blood pressure
5. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

1.In food processing industry:

(1)Meat tenderizer: It can cleave the collagen and muscle fiber in meat, and make the structure of meat loose to make the human body easy to digest and absorb after eating.
(2)Biscuit Crisper: The enzymatic reaction of papain can degrade the protein of the dough into small skin or aminase, which can reduce the tensile resistance of the dough, make the dough soft, more plastic, reduce the elasticity and easy to shape.

(3)Beer clarifier: Papain in beer clarifier has a wide specificity for turbid-forming proteins, and can degrade the large molecule proteins into small molecules, thus improving the solubility of protein and polyphenol complex. Papain, on the other hand, is a biologically active protein, which can form a stable state balance with polyphenol, which causes beer turbidity in cold storage, preventing beer turbidity in cold storage.

2. In cosmetic and chemical industry:

 It dissolves fat and softens skin. In addition, it helps remove dead cells and keeps skin healthy. That's why papain is so widely used in beauty products.

If people take papain as a supplement, as for children (4+ years old),the most common dose is 100 mg per day; as for adult, the most common dose is 200-300 mg per day.





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