【Product Introduction】

        Turkesterone is an ecdysone, which is a hormone steroid found in plants. Toxosterone is one of the most biologically active ecdysteroids (ecdysteroids), which is believed to be effective in assisting protein synthesis metabolism. Due to the strong adaptability (body regulation ability) of this type of steroids, it may be banned in certain sports occasions, but these are natural and traditional extracts and nutrients, so they are not harmful to the human body. High-intensity exercise or any demanding physical exercise requires effective recovery and protein synthesis to ensure the effect of the exercise. Therefore, adding some turkesterone to the athlete's diet can ensure that the body can work better.

  【Product Name】Turkesterone

  【Specifications】2%, 10%

  【Appearance】Brown to brownish gray powder

  【Plant Source】Ajuga Turkestanica

  【Test Method】HPLC

  【Extraction Solvent】Ethanol

  【CAS Number】41451-87-0

  【Molecular Formula】C27H44O8

  【Molecular Weight】496.63

  【Particle Size】 95% pass 80 mesh

  【Packaging】 Standard packaging: 25kg/cardboard drum; 1kg/bag. The capsules are in bottles, 60 caps or 120 caps per bottle

  【Storage】 Stored in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat.

  【Shelf Life】24 months


  Turkesterone is a potent ecdysone and is used as an ecdysteroid receptor (EcR) agonist in certain insect systems. Its effects are mainly manifested in increasing the synthesis of muscle fibers, reducing body fat, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, positively regulating immunity and protecting the nervous system. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-stress, and anti-bacterial biological activities.


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