【Product Introduction】 

        The main components contained in olives are polyphenolic compounds, such as gallic acid, gallic acid, breve hematoxylin, hyperoside and 3,3'-dimethoxygallic acid and other tannins Polyphenol compounds, among them, the content of three polyphenols, namely, Lamomile, Sandalwood, and Triangle has the highest content.


  【Test Method】UV

  【Appearance】Brown-yellow powder

  【Packaging】Standard packaging: 25 kg/cardboard drum, or 1kg/bag

  【Storage】 Stored in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat.

  【Shelf Life】24 months


  1. Antioxidant (scavenge free radicals, protect low-density lipoprotein)

  2. Prevent coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis

  3. Soothes vascular smooth muscle and lowers blood pressure

  4. Anti-inflammatory

  5. Anti-cancer

  6. Anti-virus


  Food supplement;

  Ordinary meal;

  Cosmetic field;

  Pharmaceutical raw materials;

  Nutritional supplements;

  Functional food.


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