R & D concept

(1) Demand-oriented: Investigate and understand the current needs of the market, analyze and study the development direction of the market, and focus on the potential of the market.

Carry out the research and development of new products in a timely manner, and can carry out "demand-research and development-product-application according to customer needs"

Use "integrated professional design.

(2) Driven by innovation: make full use of existing technical equipment and technical

Carry out creative innovation and produce products with more market demand value.

(3) Based on quality: strictly control product quality and ensure product safety.

R & D team

The company has been committed to the extraction of natural plant active ingredients and product development for many years.

Industry technical talents, each member has a clear division of labor and close cooperation and has the ability to quickly optimize the process of a series of products and

New product development capabilities.

R & D content

(1) Optimization of the extraction process to improve yield.

(2) Development and application of active ingredients.

(3) Exploration of detection methods.

(4) Extraction, identification, and efficacy analysis of unknown components.

R & D results

(1) Jia Keeping, a production method for extracting nervonic acid and protein from Acer truncatum seeds [P]. Shaanxi Province: CN111848340A, 2020-10-30.

(2) Jia Keeping, Wang Dejun, Feng Qingshuang-Method for simultaneous extraction and separation of maslinic acid, oleuropein, and oleanolic acid from olive leaves[P]. Shaanxi Province: CN111303236A, 2020-06-19.

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