FocusHerb Corp is committed to the research and development, production sales of olive extracts. The company has 3000 acres of olive planting farms in Longnan, Gansu. We strictly control the raw materials from the factory to the final product entering the requirements of GMP to ensure product quality. The annual processing of raw materials can reach 600 tons. At the same time, our company has advanced imported testing equipment to ensure the traceability testing of each link of raw material production. We make full use of the active ingredients of oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, olive polyphenols, maslinic acid, and oleanolic acid in olive leaves and olive fruits. 

FocusHerb is intensively cultivated in the development and production of olive extraction. We have established long-term cooperation with third-party laboratories NSF, SGS, and Eurofins to ensure that product quality meets international standards. In order to ensure product quality, every link from raw materials entering the factory to product production is strictly monitored. Detection. All inspectors have relevant professional backgrounds, have received pre-job training, and have job qualifications. The company has established an independent laboratory, equipped with advanced testing equipment, high-performance liquid chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, analytical balance, moisture, ash analyzer, etc. It can detect conventional physical and chemical indicators, active ingredient content, solvent residues, pesticide residues, heavy metal elements, and microorganisms. At present, it has obtained ISO9001, KOSHER, HALAL, EU, and US organic certifications.

We are the manufacturer of Focusherb that produces olive extracts. Our olive extracts have developed 4 different specifications of natural ingredients. we products developed by your company are in line with our company's products. Our olive fruit raw materials: olive polyphenol content: 10 %, 20%, hydroxytyrosol powder content: 25%-40%, hydroxytyrosol extract content: 98%. Olive leaf raw materials: oleuropein content 10%-80%, hydroxytyrosol content: powder 3%-20%, extract 40%, 50%, maslinic acid content 10%, 20%, 30%, oligomeric acid The content is 60%, 70%, 98%.Sophoraside,Genistein,Kaempferol,Aloin A,Aloe-emodin,Nervonic acid.


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